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forget customer service

What are you selling to your customer…a service or an experience?

A service is:

(noun) – the action of helping or doing work for someone.

An experience is:

(verb) – to encounter or undergo an event.

Every business advertises its “customer service”.  If you are selling “customer service”, you may look just like everyone else.  In fact, I think the term “customer service” is so overused; it has lost its meaning.

At the most basic level, when a customer hires your company to perform work, he/she expects that you will provide a good service.  But is advertising your customer service anything to brag about.  If a client hires you to do work, and you perform the work, and the client is happy with the service he/she received, then I think you have failed.

Serving your client is the minimum.  That’s why he/she is paying you.  No one hires you to provide bad customer service.  Don’t brag about your customer service.  Big deal.

Don’t be happy with providing your clients with the minimum.  Sell your clients a customer experience they won’t soon forget.  Sell them an experience that they can’t help but to tell others about.  Sell them on the value that only you are able to provide.  Provide a value to them above the price of the service.

The difference between selling your customer service and your customer experience is the difference between selling clients not on the PRICE of WHAT you do, but on the VALUE of WHY you do it.

In order to sell your customers an experience that will return great dividends for years to come, you need to design an experience so that your customers have no reason to look elsewhere.  You need to develop a process that not only, guides your customers along a path that leads to the solution of their problems, but also ensures success for your business.  Your process should make it very easy for your customer to communicate with you from the initial interaction to the final sale, and instill a feeling of security, trust, and alignment along the way.

You can create value for your clients by selling the experience that you have specifically designed for them, which in turn will create value for your business.


If you would like to learn more about how you can systematically design your customer experience to increase the value for your clients and your business, click here and send me a message and let’s talk about how I can help you.

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