Streamline Your Construction Business in 28 Days

For so many construction business owners, paperwork is the one thing standing in between themselves and the financial freedom they need to run their business the way they’ve always wanted. Managing paperwork in the construction industry can be a tedious and overwhelming task, but with the strategies and systems laid out in the Paperwork Punch List you can get your most valuable asset back – your time.

In this 28 day action guide, Shawn Van Dyke will teach you how to streamline your construction business with proven pricing tools and strategies that will help you master paperwork management. If you’ve hit a dead end researching how to improve your construction business, the Paperwork Punch List is the guide you need to finally transform your business and your life for the better.

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“The Paperwork Punch List is a blessing. This book helps me stay on top of the office side of our business.”

Tilia Builders

“Read this book. We can’t thank Shawn enough. We would’t be the company we are today without the systems in this book.”

Boston Exterior Remodeling

“The stress of estimating is gone. An estimate that used to take all day is done in 40 minutes.”

St. George Construction