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At some point in your construction career, you search for resources that will help you advance in your technical knowledge.  For decades Fine Homebuilding magazine has been that resource for many a skilled trade professional.

Fine Homebuilding has become more than just a trade periodical.  It has developed into a digital warehouse for all things construction related.  One of the many assets that FineHomeBuilding.com has created is the Brand Ambassador program.

From the website:

Close on the heels of launching the redesigned finehomebuilding.com, we’re proud to introduce our Fine Homebuilding Ambassador program. The four builders chosen for this position are talented craftsmen who embody the FHB ethos and core values. They don’t just do beautiful work‑-they take pride in their craft, hold quality and durability above all else, and tirelessly up their game with new tools, materials, and techniques. In short, they are out in the field every day practicing what we can only preach.

FHB has expanded this program and selected the next class of Brand Ambassadors.  I am honored to announce that I have been selected to contribute my knowledge and insights as it relates to owning and operating a construction business.

Tired of hearing news about the election everywhere you turn? Well, how about some news about Fine Homebuilding instead? Today, in addition to all of the great leadership, information, and passion being churned out by @heresjohnnyrcb, @toolaholic, @nsbuilders and @trghomeconcepts, we’re happy and proud to welcome some new but familiar faces to our solid and talented crew. Please help me in showing the love for the newest members of the @finehomebuilding ambassador program: @jpmconstructioninc, @modern_oak, @shawnvandyke, and the guys from @drywallnation. Repost to share with your followers, use the hashtag #keepcraftalive in your building posts, and be sure to visit finehomebuilding.com/blogs to see more in depth content from all of these fine gentlemen.

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I am humbled by this invitation and excited to spread the message that “the world needs you to succeed.”

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