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develop your income streams

Many businesses in the skilled trades view their top-line revenue as their only income stream.

“We install drywall. That’s all we do.”
“I am a framer. I frame houses. That’s my revenue stream.”
“We are an electrical company. People pay us to install the electrical systems. “

This is not a good way to run a business. Below the surface of the flow of revenue are usually several distinguishable Income Streams.
For example, many a subcontractor does new construction as well as remodeling work. They also perform service and maintenance work. Many subs will work directly for homeowners on smaller projects.
Each of these categories is an example of an individual income stream that make up a company’s total revenue.

If you haven’t developed a way to produce and track your income streams, then you are missing out on the information you need to grow, pivot, and accelerate your business.

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