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If not, then the Built to Build Academy® is for you. And, enrollment is now open for a limited time.

Watch the video to learn more about the programs in the academy and how they will give you the confidence you need to build and sustain a profitable construction business.



Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Enrollment is open now and will end on April 13th at 11:59 pm EST.
  2. Spots in the Built to Grow program are limited to the first 40 members.
  3. You will receive a few more emails during the enrollment period explaining the details of the programs.
  4. You’ll have lifetime access to the on-demand courses in the academy when you enroll today.

The Built to Build Academy® creates confident construction business owners through business training and mentoring programs so that you can build the systems in your construction business to make more money, stop worrying, and get your life back.

We believe that you should be as confident in your business as you are your craft.

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Thank you for your interest in the Built to Build Academy.   The Built to Build Academy is on demand business training for construction business owners that want to make more money, stop worrying and get their lives back. My name is Shawn Van Dyke, founder of the Built to Build Academy, author of Profit First for Contractors and The Paperwork Punch List. I have spent the last several years coaching construction business owners all over the world on the systems and strategies that lead to purposeful, profitable growth. And now these proven systems are available to you when you enroll in the Built to Build Academy. Listen, most contractors are not profitable. They don’t know how to read their financial statements. They don’t understand the difference between markup and margin, and they are guessing at what their price should be instead of having confidence in selling their value. Are you overwhelmed, stressed out and broke? Well then you need to enroll in the Built to Build Academy. The Built to Build Academy creates confident construction business owners through on demand business training courses, live group coaching sessions, and one on one mentoring programs so you can take your construction business to the next level. Over the next several days I will send you more information about the individual programs in the Built to Build Academy so you can decide which program is best for you But for now let me give you a brief overview of the three programs in the Built to Build Academy. First off, we have the Built to Start program. This program is our on demand business training that will lay the foundation that every construction business owner needs.   In the Built to Start program you will have lifetime access to 3 business training courses – Effective Time Management, Paid for Planning, and The Profit First for Contractors Training Program. You’re going to get your time back when you design your ideal week with the Effective Time Management course. You’ll develop a sales script that will pre-qualify your customers and get them to pay you up front for your professional design and planning services in the Paid for Planning course. And finally, you’ll master your finances, solve your cash flow problems, and make your construction business permanently profitable with the Profit First for Contractors system. Whether you’re just starting out, or if you’ve been in business for years, the Built to Start program will create the foundational systems you need to become profitable. That’s the Built to Start program. On demand business training courses so you can take your construction business to the next level. Now if you’re saying, “Great Shawn, I need those systems, but I want more. I need more systems and I want some coaching, but I’ve never hired a business coach before.” That’s no problem.  You’re going to want to enroll in the Built to Grow program. The Built to Grow program includes everything in the Built to Start program PLUS you’re also going to get lifetime access to the on demand courses in the Built to Grow program – that’s hiring, estimating, scheduling, and the customer experience courses. You’re trying to expand your team , but you can’t find skilled people.  You’re not sure if you’re estimating your projects in the right way. You can’t seem to stay on schedule and you don’t have a repeatable system to deliver your services to your customers. We are going to solve all those problems in the Built to Grow program AND you’re not going to be alone. The Built to Grow program includes 3 months of group coaching sessions we call ShopTalk Sessions. You’ll meet with me and my team and other construction business owners just like you on live group coaching sessions and we do these sessions 4 times a month. So that’s 12 group coaching sessions you have access to PLUS the ShopTalk Library.  This is where we store all the recordings of previous ShopTalk Sessions so you can access them at any time during the 3 months. And finally you’ll get a 3-month membership in the Built to Build Academy’s private online community. This is where you will network and learn from other  construction business owners. If you’ve ever wished you could ask other contractors what they are doing and what’s working for them, you now have that opportunity when you enroll in the Built to Grow program. The Built to Grow program is designed to give you on demand access to the courses, at least a dozen live group coaching sessions, and an online community so you can finally design a construction business that works for you instead of the other way around. So If you’re ready to expand your team, streamline your estimating, learn a bomb-proof scheduling system and upgrade your customer experience so you can attract better clients and receive 5-star testimonials, all while receiving ongoing coaching from my team and from other business owners, then enroll in the Built to Grow program today. There are only 40 spots available in each Built to Grow program, and the next enrollment period won’t open for another 6 months.  Don’t wait. Enroll in Built to Grow today. Now, for those construction business owners that have a team in place, are making a decent revenue, been booked up for months, but are struggling to make a profit, can’t get their people to solve problems, and don’t have the systems in place to step out of the day to day operations, then the Built to Lead program is for you. I’ll explain more details about the Built to Lead program in my upcoming videos, but in a nutshell when you enroll in the Built to Lead program, you’ll get everything in Built to Start and Built to Grow, plus you’ll get 6 months of one on one coaching with me. The focus of the Built to Lead program is developing your system of business development, things like marketing, budgeting, communication, analytics, planning, and leadership. It’s all in the Built to Lead program, but before you can start in Built to Lead you have to go through the Built to Grow program first. So when you enroll in the 6-month Built to Lead program you’re going to begin with 3-months of Built to Grow. That’s 9 total months of coaching, group sessions, and everything that the Built to Build Academy has to offer, plus you have the option to purchase a 2-day On Site Training where you and up to 3 team members can join me and my team in Knoxville for team training and systems development. So that’s the Built to Build Academy. Built to Start – on demand business training courses – Effective Time Management, Paid for Planning, and Profit First for Contractors. Built to Grow – on demand business training courses, 3 months of live group coaching sessions and a 3 month membership to our private online community And Built to Lead – everything in the Built to Start and Built to Grow program for the first 3 months and then 6 months of one on one mentoring with me and my team, for a total of 9 months. Enrollment is open now and only lasts for 14 days. There are only 40 spots available in the Built to Grow program, and it’s first come first served. So don’t wait.  Choose your program and start today. You’re going to struggle until you get these systems in place. Make more money, stop worrying and get your life back with the Built to Build Academy. All you have to do is choose the program that best suits you, fill out the form on the checkout page, and click “complete my purchase.” I’ll send you an email with the next steps and we’ll be off to the races. I’ll see you in the academy.

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