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study the trades. become a professional

I have the highest respect for the men and women in the skilled trades.  I want to start a movement that brings back the respect and high view that the trades once held in our society.

I have met so many talented, smart, and hardworking tradespeople in my career.  There is something special about a person that has dedicated his/her life to not only mastering a trade, but also combining that drive with an entrepreneurial spirit that makes me so grateful for their skill and passion.

I published a series of graphics on my Instagram feed in an attempt to show respect for the hard work, dedication, and professionalism that people in the skilled trades bring to our lives everyday.

I’m tired of our society looking down on people in the trades and thinking that “they must not have been able to do anything else.”  Nothing could be more further from the truth.

You want to be a professional?  Study a trade.

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