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How to Grow a Construction Business

I speak with many construction business owners all over the world and when i ask them about their goals for their company, they often talk about growth...but then many of them say this… "I am not really into it for the money." And I understand why they are saying...

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Techniques for Estimating Construction Costs

TECHNIQUES FOR ESTIMATING A CONSTRUCTION PROJECT There is a two-step process for estimating every construction project: Step 1. Determine Your Costs Step 2. Apply a Markup that will yield the appropriate profit after expenses It is that simple, but it is not that easy...

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Calculating Labor Burden for Your Construction Business

Not accounting for the labor burden in a construction estimate can come at a very heavy price. The labor burden is determined by the indirect costs of employing someone. If these “hidden” costs aren’t accounted for, then each project you perform could put you further...

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Labor Rate for Construction – How much to charge?

Knowing what to charge (labor rate) and how to accurately and efficiently determine the numbers are the issues that cause many construction business owners to lose the battle for profitability. Charge too little and you won’t make a profit. Charge too much and you...

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Protractor Podcast – Guest Appearance

Your Business Is Only As Good As Your Numbers I am a numbers guy at heart.  I can't help myself.  It's just the way I was made. Many contractors struggle with understanding the numbers side of their businesses. And I love helping contractors learn the numbers side of...

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the ABC system for hiring your next employee

Glengarry Glen Ross, a movie based on the play by David Mamet, debuted in 1992 with an all-star cast. The movie depicts a day in the life of four real estate salesmen and their dubious tactics to close less than optimal leads. Alec Baldwin plays Blake, a suit, sent...

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go small or go home

Setting big goals may be the problem. The beginning of a new year is a horrible time to start working on goals.  People put too much pressure on themselves to make massive changes.  These goals are often too big and too general to be of any use.  Studies show that...

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Construction Estimating Techniques for Profits

Construction estimating for a potential client's project is just as much psychology as it is math. You may not be aware of the psychology that surrounds many of the buying decisions you make every day. An entire field of study is developing around how the human brain...

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the story of my addiction

MY FIRST TIME I can still remember my first time. I didn’t know what I was doing. I didn’t know if I was doing it right. I thought it was something only ‘the cool kids’ did. What if someone found out? I didn’t care. It was a risk I was willing to take. I had heard it...

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the book list that transformed my life

Before 2015, reading books would not have been on my list of favorite past times.  In fact, I didn’t read much at all.  All that changed last year. Below are the books on my "must read" list.  Check that.  Below are the books on my “did read and transformed my life”...

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Construction Pricing Strategy for Your Business

Developing a profitable construction pricing strategy involves more than calculating the costs and applying a markup to those costs.  You need to understand how your customers think about your price in relation to not only the services you offer, but also what your...

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two criteria that make you an expert in your trade

I started a research project to serve the construction and skilled trade industries about a year ago.  I have interviewed and spoken with hundreds of trade professionals about what they do and why they do it. I also work with skilled trade business owners all over the...

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forget customer service

What are you selling to your customer...a service or an experience? A service is: (noun) - the action of helping or doing work for someone. An experience is: (verb) - to encounter or undergo an event. Every business advertises its "customer service".  If you are...

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would you listen to your own story

What a great time I had at the Kuiken Brothers Product Expo last week! (Click here to watch the entire panel discussion.) I joined John Hourihan, Nick Schiffer, and Tyler Grace on stage in front of hundreds of attendees. We talked about how to build your brand and...

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Fine HomeBuilding Brand Ambassador

At some point in your construction career, you search for resources that will help you advance in your technical knowledge.  For decades Fine Homebuilding magazine has been that resource for many a skilled trade professional. Fine Homebuilding has become more than...

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